Test Tools & Instrumentation Service


Reliable, repeatable and rigorous testing comes from good planning, test tools and instrumentation. USAEPG has the best-in-class test tools and instrumentation that deliver just that. Our engineers and technician have an expertise in test tools and instrumentation and have experience rooted in best practices and for many, first-hand military experience.

Our customer-centric software engineering is focused on delivering releases in modular format on regular and planned intervals of three to four weeks. USAEPG has adopted agile scrum development processes to enhance communication between stakeholders and developers to better meet constant changes and test needs.


  • Provide full instrumentation services, including collection, reduction, processing, analysis and reporting
  • Forward deployable Test and Instrumentation Teams
  • Custom software engineering and testing
  • Employment of COTS hardware solutions, engineer hardware when not available
  • System integration to best meet the needs of the customer
  • Fabrication and laboratory facilities to enable research and supports test instrumentation employment
  • Develop and apply modeling and simulation to reduce overall program test costs


  • Experiments designed by Operational Research Systems Analysts (ORSA) to meet statistical rigor requirements from DOT&E and reduce data noise
  • Advise customers on newest technologies and industry best practices
  • Best-in-class instrumentation based on broad PEO contribution throughout the DoD with past performance of excellence, as shown with nine patents


Focused, customer-centric testing that produces the best deployable product for the intended environment, whether for a Soldier, homeland defense or a commercial application. Forward-deployable Test Teams ensures that the customer needs are met and program testing stays on target throughout its lifecycle.