Cyber and IA Testing Services


Cyber has been called the next frontier of defense and now is the time to know if your systems are ready for that next frontier. USAEPG’s Cyber and Information Assurance Testing Services will help you understand if your system’s cyber and IA posture supports your mission.


  • Provide operationally realistic environment for Cyber systems testing
  • Integrate systems under test w/virtual and constructive simulations
  • Provide risk reduction & mitigation of vulnerabilities prior to operation T&E
  • Provide Blue and White Teaming & IA training to COCOMs as part of ATEC’s Information Assurance Task Force
  • IA test & evaluation methodology for military systems
  • Provides essential vulnerability information
  • COCOM assessments and IA/IO assistance


  • Extensive experience in interpreting and applying IA best practices
  • Resident experts and expertise in military networks and system
  • Blue and white teaming expertise on staff


Cyber and IA testing ensures that information systems work as intend and the data is protected. Just as importantly, thorough testing can provide affirmation that a system will survive the contested realm of cyberspace.