Environmental Testing Service


The Environmental Test Facility (ETF) conducts tests based on the whole life-cycle process in simulated environments. Complete climatic and dynamic test capabilities are available for testing to military and other environmental standards. The ETF is adequately equipped with a variety of test support equipment to monitor all test variables to provide real-time or post-test analyses.


  • Multiple instrumentation and climatic chambers, including Large C4ISR Systems Chamber
  • Chambers from 2 to 5,830 ft3
  • Precisely controlled and 100% repeatable conditions
  • Can accommodate test items up to 16’L x 11’W x 10’H (expandable to 53’)
  • Can meet all requirements called out in MIL-STD-810 and DO-160 with few exceptions
  • Natural and Induced Environmental Acceptance Tests
    • Climatic Testing:
      • Temperature-Humidity (-151° – 200° Celsius)
      • Temperature-Altitude-Humidity (-65° – 121° Celsius, 99% humidity, 120,000’ altitude)
      • Reliability/Life Cycle
      • Temperature-Humidity-Vibration
      • Rain (up to 26” per hour, with or without winds up to 120mph)
      • Sunshine (up to 1,400 watts per m2)
      • Blowing Sand/Dust/Rain (up to 120 mph, densities up to 10 grams per ft3)
      • Large (50’x20’x20’) Heated Blowing Sand and Dust Facility
      • Settling Dust
      • Fungus (28-day tests)
      • Salt-Fog (corrosion tests, up to 20% concentrations by weight)
      • Explosive Atmospheric Tests (n-Hexane and Hydrogen)
      • Immersion Tests (Both Salt or Fresh Water to depths of 300ft BSL)
      • Icing
      • Snow Generation/Snow Loading
      • Rapid Decompression
    • Dynamic Testing:
      • Vibration
      • Shock
      • Transit Drop
      • Loose Cargo
      • Vehicle Bounce
      • Gunfire Simulation
      • MIL-S-901 Lightweight Shock Testing
  • Other Capabilities:
  • Global Positioning System (GPS) Chamber Testing
  • Search and Rescue Beacon Certification Facility
  • Bench handling, and contamination by fluids


  • Environmental subject matter technical experts are available to travel to assess commercial contractor and other government facilities and test chambers for capability/suitability of performing required first article acceptance tests.
  • These experts may remain long-term on the test site as a (Government Representative) witness to report on conduct of tests.


The ETF provides environmental management and engineering processes that can be of enormous value to generate confidence in the environmental worthiness and overall durability of a system design. We offer a free pickup and delivery service for all in state customers, arrange long haul trucking requirements and provide for all freight and overnight transportation needs. We turn most customer Cost Estimates around within 24 hours. Try us first before you try the other guys.

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