Antenna Testing Service


The Antenna Test Facility (ATF) is composed of 7 main facilities, including numerous sub-facilities, sprawling over 400 acres. The ATF provides an ideal outdoor environment for RF testing due to extremely low humidity and Arizona State Bill 1387, preserving radio frequency (RF) spectrum purity.

The ATF measures antenna systems ranging in size from several centimeters to 13 meters in diameter. Antenna systems can be measured as a stand-alone system or mounted on a ground plane/vehicle, over a frequency spectrum of 20 megahertz (MHz) to 90 gigahertz (GHz).


  • Antennas measured in the Far Field Range (20 MHz – 50 MHz)
  • Antennas measured in the Near Field Range (900 MHz – 90 GHz)
    • Indoor, configurable as a planar, cylindrical and spherical coordinates
  • Two outdoor Arc Ranges (75’ and 50’ radius) for Far Field and Near Field test capabilities
  • Outdoor 100’ Low Observable Tower, configurable with two 500’ Far Field position systems
  • Two outdoor positioners with large-load capabilities (60 and 80 ton turntables)
  • Compact Range (outdoor), high-load capacity (40 tons)
  • Outdoor beacon locator range
  • Ideal outdoor environment for RF testing from 20 MHz - 50 GHz


The ATF staff is uniquely qualified to run an antenna range of this capacity. Comprised of engineers and technicians, the ATF staff brings over 40 years of antenna measurement experience.


Antenna measurements provide gain and pattern data to military and commercial customers. The pattern data can identify nulls in communication, which are then fixed or mitigated.