AAR After Action Report or After Action Review
Army Battle Command System
All Source Analysis System
Army Tactical Command and Control System
Army Test and Evaluation Command
ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode


BCTP Battle Command Training Program


C2 Monitor Command and Control
C4I Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence
CBS Corps Battle Simulation
CSSCS Combat Service Support Control System
CES Communications Emitter System
CMSP Communications Mission Support Planner
COTS Commercial Off The Shelf
CTF Central Test Facility
CTSF Central Technical Support Facility


DAUVS Digital Army USMTF/VMF Stimulator
DCARS Digital Collection Analysis and Review System
DCG Data Collection Gateway
DCP Data Collection Processor
DCS Data Collection System
DCX Division Capstone Exercise
DES Data Encryption System
DIS Distributed Interactive Simulation
DII COE Defense Information Infrastructure Common Operating Environment
DITSCAP DoD Information Technology Security Certification
and Accreditation Process
DPN Data Processing Node
DPU Data Processing Unit
DTC Developmental Test Command


E3 Electromagnetic Environmental Effects
EC Electronic Combat
EPLRS Enhanced Position Location Reporting System
EW Electronic Warfare


FBCB2 Force XXI Battle Command Brigade and Below
FCS Future Combat Systems
FDTE Force Development T&E
FI2010 Foundation Initiative 2010
FT Field Test Field Test


GCCS Global Command and Control System
GIS Geographic Information System
GMU GPS Multiport Unit
GPA GPS Pulse Per Second Adapter
GPS Global Positioning System
GPSIS GPS Instrumentation System
GRETA Graphical Real Time Analysis
GTOV GPS Time On Video
GTT GPS Tracker/Tactical Radio Enclosure


HF High Frequency
HLA High Level Architecture
HSLT High Speed LAN Tap
HTTP Hyper Text Transfer Protocol


IA Information Assurance
IEWTPT Intelligence Electronic Warfare Tactical Proficiency Trainer
IFDC Improved Field Data Collector
ILMS In Line Monitoring System
ILS Integrated Logistics System
INC Internet Controller
IOT&E Initial Operational Test and Evaluation
ISA Industry Standard Architecture
ISYSCON Integrated Systems Control
IT Information Technology


JANUS no acronym
JEM Jammer Emulation Module
JTRS Joint Tactical Radio System
JVMF Joint Variable Message Format



LAN Local Area Network
LUT Limited User Test


MANPRINT Manpower Personnel Integration
MCS Maneuver Control System
MCREWS Modular Covert Remote Electronic Warfare Simulator
MFDC Multi Functional Data Collector
MINE Multiple Inline Network Extraction
MSE Mobile Subscriber Equipment


NIMA National Imagery Mapping Agency
NOVA Network Objects Visual Analyzer
NSC National Simulation Center
NTC National Training Center
NTDR Near Term Digital Radio
NTSC National Television System Committee



PCI Peripheral Component Interface
PDC PASS Data Collection Service (tool in RICS2)
PASS Monitor Publish and Subscribe Service Monitor
PLS Position Location System
PPP Point to Point Protocol
PPS Pulse Per Second



RAM Reliability, Availability, Maintainability
RBE Realistic Battlefield Environment
RF Radio Frequency
(RICS)2 Remote Reconfigurable Intelligent Instrumentation to
Control, Collect, Stimulate and Simulate
ROVRS Real-time Oriented Versatile Reporting System
RPWS Role Player Work Station
RTA Real Time Aggregator


SA Situational Awareness
SA Monitor Situational Awareness Monitor
SAS Simulation Application Suite
SBU Sensitive But Unclassified
SDC Serial Data Collector (tool in RICS2)
SICPS Standard Integrated Command Post Shelter
SINCGARS Single Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System
SHF Super High Frequency
SIP SINCGARS Improvement Program
SOS System of Systems
SQL Structured Query Language
SSM Simulation Support Module
STORM Simulation Test Operations Rehearsal Model
SV System Vehicle


T2P2 Tenacious Timekeeper Position Plus
TCARS Test Conduct and Reporting System
TCC Test Control Center
T&E Test & Evaluation
TBM Theater Ballistic Missile
TGEN Traffic Generator
TI Tactical Internet
TIREM Terrain Integrated Rough Earth Model
TOC Tactical Operations Center
TOEL Time Ordered Event List
TRE Tactical Radio Enclosure
TSPI Time Space Position Information


UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
UHF Ultra High Frequency
USMTF U.S. Message Text Format
UTC Universal Time Code


VBEF Virtual Battlefield Environment Facility
VEPG Virtual Electronic Proving Ground
VHF Very High Frequency
VMF Variable Message Format
VPG Virtual Proving Ground


WDC WAN Date Collection service (tool in RICS2)
WAN Wide Area Network
WFX Warfighter Exercise
WIN Warfighter Information Network
WSMR White Sands Missile Range