Mission Command & Network Test Directorate


The Mission Command & Network Test Directorate's mission is to be the recognized and preferred Tester for Network, EW, and C4ISR Test and Evaluation across not only Army Test and Evaluation Command, but the Department of Defense and the Industrial Base.

The Mission Command & Network Test Directorate’s responsibilities include: The planning and execution of C4 systems distributed testing; communication systems testing; network integration testing; and C4 systems integration and interoperability testing. In addition, C4NT provides Operational Research & System Analysis (ORSA) Design of Experiment (DOE) support to the Test Officer, conducts data planning, data reduction and data analysis for system under test performance and reliability, availability, and maintainability (RAM) data, creates authenticated test databases and data products, and oversees technical documentation templates and tools for EPG’s technical documentation process.

Test Resources & Laboratories Directorate


The Test Resources & Laboratories Directorate's mission is to provide USAEPG with the laboratories and expertise to test C4ISR Systems in the areas of Electromagnetic Environmental Effects, to include Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), TEMPEST; characterize antennas both in a stand alone or platform integrated scenario; conduct climatic and dynamic Military Standard (MIL-STD)-810 and DO-160 Environmental Conditions Test Procedures for airborne equipment environmental tests in instrumented environmental chambers to support life cycle characterization of systems under test; provide meteorological forecasting for test support; characterize the performance of legacy and enhanced GPS receivers; and provide non-program of record test bed support for various Program Executive Office (PEO) Command, Control, and Communications - Tactical (C3T) customers, to assist in improving system maturity and performance.

Staff Support Directorate


The Staff Support Directorate’s (SSD) mission is to provide effective and efficient mission support and operational continuity to EPG’s Office of the Commander, Technical Director, Chief of Staff and all Directorates. The EPG staff is our top priority, providing prompt and professional services to Network, EW and C4ISR testing personnel and their customers. The SSD provides policy direction and control over productivity management analysis and force development programs in support of the Command, as well as performing the functions common to all directorates. The SSD’s area of responsibility includes unit operations, training, inspections, logistics, command engineers, facility management, safety, health, resource management, security, intelligence, protocol, IT support and public affairs.