COSPAS-SARSAT Search and Rescue Beacon Certification Facility

Search & Rescue Beacon Certification Facility

Tester submerging beacon in water

EPG is the sole emergency beacon certification facility in the U.S.; it is the only certification facility in the Western Hemisphere.

COSPAS-SARSAT is an international, humanitarian satellite based search and rescue system. The United States, Canada, France and Russia developed the system in 1979; it became fully operational in 1984.

COSPAS-SARSAT provides global air, sea, and land search and rescue coverage using two satellite systems: Low Earth Orbit System for Search and Rescue (LEOSAR), Medium-altitude Earth Orbit Search and Rescue (MEOSAR), and Geostationary Search and Rescue (GEOSAR).

First and Second-Generation beacon certification tests include: Class I/II Environmental, Operational Test, Antenna performance, Satellite Qualitative, and Navigational. The combination of the Environmental Test Facility, Antenna Test Facility, and the GPS Test bed make up the COSPAS-SARSAT Certification Test facility.

All certification testing conducted at EPG is in accordance with COSPAS-SARSAT specifications.