Welcome to EPG

An early, black and white photo of the entrance to Fort Huachuca.

Our Legacy

The Electronic Proving Ground reopened Fort Huachuca doors on 1 February 1954 when the Chief Signal Officer decided that the area and climate were ideal for testing electronic and communications equipment. The name was derived from the mission – to test, prove, explore, and evaluate systems and devices utilizing the electron – a simple descriptive name embracing its primary function as the Army's proving ground for testing and evaluating communications-electronics equipment and systems.

The small group of military and civilian pioneers found a very sparse population, austere facilities, and abundant wildlife, including buffalo grazing on the gunnery range. The mission grew and EPG remained the host activity until 1967 when the U.S. Army Strategic Communications Command, relocated its headquarters to Fort Huachuca.

EPG’s area of operation includes more than 9,000 square miles of both public and private lands and the Fort Huachuca Military Reservation.

A shield bearing a globe pierced by a lightning bolt and orbited by swirling atoms, and the letters E P G at the base.

Our Logo

Since the Electronic Proving Ground was a Signal Corps activity, the first crest designed encompassed a globe with a signal through the center and electrons circling the globe, which was superimposed on the Signal Corps crest of crossed flags and torch. Between 1954 and 1958, an EPG organization known as the Signal Corps Orientation Team (SCOT) toured the country to introduce Fort Huachuca, its ideal climate, clean air, interference-free environment, and unequaled conditions for conducting test of communications-electronics equipment and systems. The SCOT team used the 1954 crest on its journey throughout CONUS, and efforts were made to acquire approval of the crest for use by the Proving Ground.

The basic design of the crest embodies the globe, its land and water masses, a yellow lightening bolt typifying signal communications, and orange electrons circling the globe, which depict the magnitude of EPG's role of testing and evaluating communications-electronics equipment and/or systems. This basic design was placed upon an innovative shield of pale gray to complete the dignity of the crest. 'USAEPG' was lettered on the shield to insure its identity.

Throughout its existence, the EPG crest has become a distinctive symbol and recognizable crest which carries with it the vital role the Electronic Proving Ground plays in the defense posture of our nation.