Network Testing Service


The network is the backbone of an information system and whether your system is for intelligence, ground combat or MWR-related, it’s only as reliable as its network. USAEPG has the testing services to evaluate your network regardless of the transport technology, be it hard-wired, radio-based, satellite or microwave; we have the customer-centric expertise to test it.


  • World-class range for testing RF-based transport, thanks to Fort Huachuca’s naturally RF quiet area
  • Provide operationally realistic environment for Cyber systems testing
  • Integrate systems under test w/virtual and constructive simulations with reach-back to most of the DoD and Coalition networks
  • Provide Blue and White Teaming & IA training to COCOMs as part of ATEC’s Information Assurance Task Force
  • IA test & evaluation methodology for military systems
  • Provides essential vulnerability information


  • Academia-advised and industry best practices for testing and evaluating networks
  • Past experience with network-intensive systems, such as DCGS-A and WIN-T
  • Resident experts and expertise in military networks and system
  • Blue and white teaming expertise on staff


Modern conflict is based on the ease of information exchange and the network makes that possible. Testing your network at USAEPG takes advantage of unique expertise and an ideal test range only found here. Testing your network here substantially enhances your network’s reliability when your network is deployed and placed where it matters.