Cibola Range

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The Cibola Range is a fully instrumented air-to-ground aircraft armament test range with electronic and optical instrumentation, including six precision aircraft tracking systems, tracking radars, and video scoring. The range has six sites from which the position of missile-firing aircraft can be established and trajectories measured.

Yuma Proving Ground offers a state-of-the-art cargo preparation complex that offers the most infrastructure within DoD, specifically geared toward the support of air delivery missions.

A Smart Weapons Test Range tests the most futuristic weapon systems. Acoustically quiet, the range boasts thousands of acres of test area and its own solar generated power system.

Air Delivery Castle Dome

Yuma Proving Ground maintains urban and rural facilities on the Cibola Range for sophisticated testing of technologies used to defeat the threat of roadside bombs. These facilities consist of hundreds of buildings, many miles of paved and unpaved roads, and much more.


  • Flight Dynamics Data Collection
  • Precision Tracking Radars
  • Laser Trackers
  • Adaptive Vehicle Data Acquisition
  • Telemetry
  • GPS Satellite Monitoring Station
  • Ballistics Instrumentation
  • Fuze and Warhead Function
  • Environmental Simulation Atmospheric Characterization


  • Precision Weapons Scoring Ranges
  • Air-to-Air Weapons Ranges
  • Sensor Test Facility
  • Missile Launch Complex
  • Rocket Development and Acceptance Test Facility
  • Laser Designation Test Range
  • UXO Detection System Ranges
  • Forward Aircraft Refueling Points
  • 3 Independent UAV Operations and Maintenance Sites
  • Two Urban Terrain Sites
  • 12 Air Delivery Drop Zones (for both cargo and personnel systems)
  • Guidance Navigation and Control Development Facility
  • Air Delivery Munitions and Parachute Maintenance Rigging Facility
  • Real-time Mission Control Center
  • HE Impact Areas