Getting Here

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Because the Tropic Regions Test Center operates in a number of foreign countries, upfront relationships with U.S. embassy and foreign government officials are crucial. Test center managers are highly skilled in dealing with the nuances of foreign relations and make the process painless for test customers. They interface and coordinate with everyone necessary, whether it be the U.S. Army Southern Command, U.S. embassy officials or representatives of a foreign government.

Several dozen contractors are based on a full-time basis in Panama to conduct tropic regions testing wherever it takes place, from Honduras to Suriname, to within the United States. When it comes to walking that extra mile on behalf of a customer, they are known for doing it without being asked.

Tropic Regions Test Center customers enjoy turnkey service. They are greeted at the airport by a test center employee and enjoy personal support each day. Computers and office space are offered at a modern office building in downtown Panama City whenever possible. Long before the test begins, U.S. embassy and foreign government officials are fully briefed and any questions answered. Test center employees make sure test equipment properly arrives at the test site.