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The Automotive Test branch provides test services and engineering expertise to developers in the automotive industry working for the military, as well as for the private sector. Our experience and test equipment addresses the needs for tests of tracked combat support vehicles, agricultural equipment, amphibious vehicles and wheeled vehicles from automobiles to Class 8 sized trucks and larger. We also provide test services for soldier equipment, and general equipment including chemical-biological defense under various types of natural environmental conditions. All test operations and facilities can be tailored to suit the needs of the individual test customer using our wide variety of natural environments, environmental chambers or by simulation.


Within YPG's boundaries, nearly all types of desert terrain existing in the world are available. There are over 200 miles of test courses and other test facilities, which are capable of handling nearly all types of field performance and controlled engineering tests. The established test courses furnish variations in road and soil conditions and ground relief, giving the customer the ability to select any degree of severity desired for endurance and reliability or desert environmental testing.

These include paved inclines, side slopes, obstacles, calibrated ride and handling (RMS) courses, a skid pad for dry and wet pavement handling, various material mud courses with adjustable moisture content, and others.

The diverse nature of equipment tested at YPG and the broad and varied scope of individual tests has resulted in the development of a wide range of facilities:


  • Automotive Instrumentation Facility provides technical support for instrumentation and data acquisition.
  • Mobile Absorption Dynamometers provide test support to all YPG including off-road and sand courses.
  • Over 15,000 sq ft of test vehicle maintenance facilities
  • Full welding and machine shop facilities
  • Platform Scale with 300,000 lb capacity, with an accuracy of +/- 25 lbs.
  • Environmentally safe test vehicle wash rack
  • Environmentally safe, high speed refueling station
  • Environmentally safe fuel transfer yard
  • Meteorological Services provide all local weather data, including portable Met stations capable of measuring the weather conditions in the area immediately surrounding tests in remote locations.
  • Petroleum and Chemical/Materials Analysis Lab
  • X-Ray Facility