Instrumentation and Facilities

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The Tropic Regions Test Center maintains an array of test areas in a variety of jungle and tropical open lands and coastal environments.

The Tropic Regions Test Center accomplishes its mission using a combination of highly trained Army civilian personnel and support contractors. The test center’s mission is to plan and conduct tropic environmental development tests on a wide variety of military electronic systems, materials, weapons, and equipment of all conceivable types, sizes, configurations and uses. Climate and terrain experts at both the Army Research Office and the Military Academy at West Point have conducted detailed studies to identify and verify outstanding specific test locations.


The unique combination of tropic microclimates available at center test sites means the individual needs of each customer are flexibly met. Programs are conducted at locations appropriate for each test – where conditions are realistic and true-to-life. The combination of excellent jungle, superior facilities and an outstanding workforce offers an unbeatable tropic test solution.

A wide array of tests is appropriate for the tropics, from mobility and soldier systems to firing weapons and positioning equipment and materials at exposure sites. Panama’s saltwater exposure site, for instance, corrodes metals quicker than any other exposure site in the world. Dense jungle vegetation is particularly tough on communication equipment, severely restricting or even cutting off electronic or radio transmissions. To ensure that communications are never disrupted on the battlefield, thorough tropic testing is a must.

Aside from having the proper testing environment, proper infrastructure is a necessity. This includes reliable transportation systems for people and equipment, rapid communication technologies, access to well qualified local technicians, and modern office space. Panama offers all this to test customers. In remote areas, Tropic Regions Test Center experts team closely with customers to ensure that the very best level of support possible is made available.