Visitor Access

Visitor Control Center

The subject of authorized access by members of the public is an important issue at military installations throughout the nation, no matter the branch of service. Due to security concerns, the Department of the Army has heightened access control requirements for Army installations throughout the nation.

All YPG visitors who do not possess a military identification card or Common Access Card (commonly called a CAC card and issued to government employees and authorized contractors) must undergo a computer background check of individual records through the National Crime Information Center prior to gaining entry to the proving ground. These checks are conducted inside YPG's Visitor Control Center located within the Wahner Brooks Interpretive Display located on Imperial Dam Road and normally take no longer than 15 minutes. All visitors must also possess: 1) Driver's license; 2) Vehicle registration; 3) Proof of insurance.

Since these background checks require U.S. or Canadian identification, they cannot be conducted on visitors who are not U.S. or Canadian citizens. This means that unescorted access to Yuma Proving Ground for these individuals will no longer be granted. Other foreign nationals may only obtain access to the proving ground by being escorted at all times by an authorized official. Unescorted Canadian citizens are only allowed within the Howard Cantonment Area once properly vetted by the Visitor Control Center.

The Visitor Control Center is open for visitor background checks and credentialing Monday through Thursday 6:30 AM to 3:30 PM. Range access passes for DOD test personnel may be acquired from 6:00 AM to 3:30 PM.

For further information, contact the Visitor Control Center at (928) 328-6689 or the Yuma Proving Ground Public Affairs Office at (928) 328-6533.