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Ms. Minerva Peters

Ms. Minerva Peters is currently serving as the Yuma Proving Ground Chief of Staff. Ms. Peters started working for the Army in May 1985 as an Operations Research Analyst Intern for the Operational Test and Evaluation Command. As an intern, she worked on multiple evaluation programs, and served as the Data Authentication Group representative for the Longbow Apache Early User Test and Evaluation.

In 1991 she accepted a position as an Operations Research Analyst at the Test and Evaluation Command (TEXCOM) in Fort Hood Texas. At Fort Hood she continued working on the Longbow Apache program, this time in preparation for the Longbow Apache Initial Operational Test and Evaluation. Later she transferred to the Methodology and Analysis Directorate where she helped develop the initial computer based training modules for the Test and Evaluation Basic Course.

In 2000, Ms. Peters accepted a position as an Operations Research Analyst at Yuma Proving Ground. While in Yuma, Ms. Peters has been involved in multiple programs to include Stryker and Crusader. From that position, Ms. Peters transitioned to be the Chief of the Process Improvement Office and led the organizational improvement efforts.

Ms. Peters holds a Masters of Management from the University of Phoenix and a Bachelorís of Science in Mathematics from the University of Texas. Her awards include: Special Act or Service Award, Commanderís Award for Civilian Service, and the Achievement Medal for Civilian Service.


Ms. Minerva Peters

University of Phoenix Master Degree in Management

University of Texas Bachelor of Science in Mathematics



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