U.S. Army Operational Test Command
91002 Station Avenue, ATTN:  TEOT-MN
Fort Cavazos, Texas  76544-5068


1. MTD plans, conducts, and reports on operational tests, rapid force initiatives, and force development test and experimentation involving doctrine, training, organization, and materiel relating to the operational effectiveness, suitability, and survivability of infantry, armor, and combined arms systems as directed by the CDR, USAOTC.

2. Mounted Test Division. Plans, conducts, and reports on tests and experiments of armor, cavalry, and mechanized infantry direct and indirect fire systems and components, armament, ammunition, fire control systems and training devices, mounted force trainers and support equipment, and tactical training concepts.

3. Dismounted Test Division. Plans, conducts and reports on tests and experiments of high technology systems and integration of high technology to mounted and dismounted direct and indirect fire systems, Soldier systems, and training systems.


MTD Vision

MTD Conducts independent operational testing of armored, infantry, and robotic systems to inform acquisition and fielding decisions for Army and select joint Warfighting systems.

Our framework to ensure success:

Testing: We develop realistic scenarios under battlefield conditions; designed to enable data collection and feedback.

Teamwork: We are a part of something bigger than ourselves; Army success is our objective.

Communication: We create shared understanding among all stakeholders throughout the operational process.

Trust: We leverage expertise, discipline, and commitment at all levels for mission success.

Who We Are

The designated test directorate for operational testing of armor and infantry systems.

The lead test directorate for operational testing of the weapons and automatous/semi-automatous robotic platforms.

The lead test directorate for operational testing of training systems for ground combat weapons.

What We Do

Conduct independent operational testing for weapons, scopes, lasers, armored vehicles, and future combat rifles.

Provide personnel in support of the ATEC Forward Operational Assessment (FOA) mission.

Provide rapidly deployable test teams to conduct operational assessments on systems in support of the Army's Rapid Equipment Fielding Initiative.