OTC Crest and Patch



OTC Logo/Crest


The grid lines suggest study and precision; the colors black and white imply verification and clarity.  The grid lines converge at the demisun, a symbol of enlightenment, emphasizing the search for truth and the promise of the future.  The laurel wreath alludes to achievement, excellence, and high ideals; it is entwined by red scroll signifying military preparedness.



The Command's mission, to seek truth through testing and experimentation, is symbolized by the triangle, or fulcrum, balancing a bar and sun.  The bar and triangle represent a scale; the sun signifies the search for knowledge, enlightenment, and high ideals.  Yellow indicates the precious metal gold and represents "the worth of quality assurance of tested products."  Dark blue alludes to the sky and space, suggesting the possibilities and discoveries of the future.  The red sword characterizes the individual Soldier, whose combat preparedness is aided by the data and information products the organization provides.  The white expresses the Command's search for the truth and sterling quality of the products produced.