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20 Oct 23 2ID Soldiers test new Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Recon Stryker vehicle
23 Aug 23 2-7 CAV troopers test new Javelin missile system at Yuma
19 May 23 Next generation family of Army medium-size vehicles tested at Ft. Bliss
11 May 23 New software to enhance battlefield mission command tested at Ft. Bragg
5 May 23 U.S. Army Operational Test Command welcomes new command sergeant major
20 Apr 23 3rd Chemical Brigade Bids Farewell to Johnson Welcomes Bell During Change of Responsibility.
18 Apr 23 Modernized Sentinel sensor test eyes growing threat variety.
20 Mar 23 Ft. Cavazos Army equipment testing unit leaders encourage AER donations.
1 Sept 22 Aviation Soldiers test new global combat maintenance, logistics tool
1 Sept 22 Ft. Cavazos Engineer Soldiers test new battlefield shaping munition
23 Aug 22 Air Defenders test newest Patriot Missile upgrades
23 Aug 22 Production model Infantry Squad Vehicles airdrop tested for long-term ruggedization
11 Aug 22 Illinois Guard aircrews test Army’s newest helicopter upgrade
10 Aug 22 82nd Airborne troops test Army’s next-generation combat goggle
1 July 22 U.S. Army Operational Test Command holds change of command ceremony
1 Apr 22 Airborne U.S. Army Special Operations Command troops test new RA-1 Ram Air parachute automatic activation device
1 Apr 22 Initial operational test begins on Army Integrated Air and Missile Defense System
17 Feb 22 Ft. Cavazos top Army Civilian equipment tester retires; serves 40-plus years