U.S. Army Operational Test Command
91012 Station Avenue, ATTN:  TEOT-IM
Fort Cavazos, Texas  76544-5068


The Office of G6 has staff responsibility for all Information Management Area activities within OTC.  The G6 is also the OTC Senior Information Management Officer, responsible for information systems services, development, resource management, and support for all Information Mission Area disciplines (automation, telecommunications, visual information, test documentation [video/photo], records management, and printing and publishing) in all functional areas within OTC.  G6 provides centralized support to OTC and ATEC headquarters as necessary.  Provides full information systems support for operational testing and evaluation and maintains generic test and evaluation software.  Provides contracting officer representative, tasking, monitoring, and evaluation of the Information Technology Support Services and ADDON contracts.  

Contract supervision to OTC HQ.
Command IMO/information management.
Information assurance and cybersecurity management.
Information management network/event support.
Telecommunications support.
Test documentation (photo/video).
Mail services.
Help Desk.
Website services.
Backup support to forward test directorates.