U.S. Army Operational Test Command
91012 Station Avenue, ATTN:  TEOT-PE
Fort Cavazos, Texas  76544-5068


The pride of OTC, our team provides dedicated customer support to both civilians and Soldiers alike throughout the OTC community!  The G1 provides leadership and direction while conducting day-to-day operations in support of customer service.

Military Personnel Division

The Military Personnel Division performs all personnel management functions concerning military personnel within the Operational Test Command (OTC).  This division process all awards, evaluations, and in/out processing for assigned personnel.  It provides staff guidance on all officer and enlisted assignment actions.  This division is dedicated to providing quality customer service to the OTC Team.

Civilian Personnel Division

The Civilian Personnel Division is the command's center for all civilian personnel actions.  This division advises and assists managers and employees in all aspects of civilian personnel management.  OTC command policies in civilian personnel and equal employment opportunity are developed and implemented by this division, working in conjunction with all servicing Civilian Personnel Advisory Centers, Civilian Personnel Operations Centers, Equal Employment Opportunity Offices, and employee unions.

If you are active duty military and are interested in an assignment opportunity with OTC, contact the Military Personnel Division at 254.288.1721/9845 DSN 738.

For questions about specific civilian positions or opportunities at OTC, please contact the Civilian Personnel Division at 254.288.1978/9764 DSN 738.