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Technical Director/Deputy to the Commander

Dr. Kenneth S. Gritton, Ph.D.

Dr. Kenneth S. Gritton serves as the Technical Director and Deputy to the Commander, U. S. Army Dugway Proving Ground. His previous assignments include Director of the West Desert Test Center (WDTC), Deputy Director of the WDTC, and developmental assignments in the office of Deputy Undersecretary of the Army Operations Research, and the Department of Interior Office of Environmental Policy and Compliance.

During his career, he has worked in numerous chemical and mineral-processing endeavors, and his experience includes research, product development, and new-product commercialization in both government and private-sector settings. He has consulted in the areas of plant operations, chemical processing, process development, artificial-intelligence applications, chemical engineering, process modelling, product research, and the development and commercialization of new products and processes. He has taught courses in chemistry, design of experiments, statistical data analysis, and process control. As the past Technology Director for Baker Process, Inc., Dr. Gritton had corporate responsibility for technology and product development, world-wide, including major R&D facilities in the US and Great Britain, and smaller facilities in other countries.

Dr. Gritton is the author of numerous refereed and invited publications on topics that include experimental design, waste treatment, and waste stabilization, advanced process control, process optimization, sensor development, and artificial-intelligence applications in the process industries. He is a recognized expert in the remediation and stabilization of arsenic-containing wastes, and has consulted locally, nationally and internationally on this topic.

Dr. Gritton received a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Utah in 1982, followed by M.E. and Ph.D. degrees in 1986 and 1992. He is a graduate of the Baker Hughes Executive Leadership Institute, a lifetime member of the Chemical Corps Regimental Association and a recipient of the Order of the Dragon Honorable Order. He is also an Army-certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.

Dr. Gritton has worked and consulted in 20 countries on 6 of the seven continents.


Dr. Gritton serves as the Technical Director of the U. S. Army Dugway Proving Ground.

B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Utah

M.E. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Utah



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