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The Technology Experimentation & Characterization Field Trials (TECFT) provide an enhanced testing opportunity in different operationally-relevant test environments for acquisition managers, international partners, and academic and industry stakeholders of chemical and biological defense communities. This event is designed to optimize test efficiencies, eliminate redundant test events, and assess system performance and suitability requirements. TECFT will help facilitate time and cost reductions for technology testing, and expand and support S&T progression to fielded technologies for all domains, to include detection, protection and decontamination.

During TECFT, outdoor test chambers include the Joint Ambient Breeze Tunnel and the Active Standoff Chamber, as well as a fully-instrumented outdoor test grid. Chemical and biological simulants are planned via multiple releases. Logistics support and a referee data package will be included. Teams of up to seven people testing one technology system may register to participate; additional systems may be considered on a case-by-case basis.