Public Notice

U.S. Army Seeks Public Input on the Proposed Cleanup of Area 2 of Solid Waste
Management Unit (SWMU-11), Dugay Proving Ground, Tooele County, Utah

The U.S. Army (Army) invites the public to comment on the Proposed Plan to clean up contamination resulting from the disposal of radiological-contaminated materials at Area 2 of Solid Waste Management Unit (SWMU‑11) at Dugway Proving Ground in Tooele County, Utah. Based on site investigations, the Army has determined that remedial actions are required at Area 2 of SWMU-11, a 0.86-acre area where two disposal trenches, TR-5 and TR 6, were previously filled with soil and debris containing radiological contaminants.

This Proposed Plan identifies the preferred cleanup approach for Area 2 of SWMU-11 as excavation of contaminated soil and debris, disposal of excavated materials to an offsite facility, and backfilling of the excavations with clean fill and topsoil. This cost-effective approach would (1) remove radiologically impacted soils and debris from the site, (2) prevent direct contact with contaminated soil and debris or exposure to radiation, and (3) avoid potential migration of contaminants to areas beyond the trenches. The Army believes this approach is preferable to the other alternatives it considered, which were evaluated using EPA’s nine criteria in accordance with the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA).

The Proposed Plan is part of the administrative record and is available for public review. You can view and download the Proposed Plan here: Final Proposed Plan, Environmental Restoration, Cleanup of Area 2 of SWMU-11, Dugway Proving Ground


The Army is seeking comments from the public about the Proposed Plan. Comments received within the public comment period will be considered before the Army makes a final decision on the remedy at Area 2 of SWMU 11. Within the public comment period, you may also request that a public meeting be held to discuss the Proposed Plan. Public comments will be accepted through May 2, 2021 and can be provided in either of the following ways: (1) email comments by May 2, 2021 to; (2) mail comments, postmarked no later than May 2, 2021, to: U.S. Army Environmental Command, ATTN: Mail Stop 112, IMAE-N (Linda Albrecht 321-8), JBSA Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234-7588.