Visitor Safety

For safety and security reasons, the intent of the Commander, ATC is to reduce the number of test observers to those who are absolutely necessary. The ATC Test Officer is in charge of all aspects of testing conducted at ATC and is to be considered the direct representative of the ATC Commander. Access to the firing ranges is to be coordinated in advance with the ATC Test Officer in charge.

At ATC, safety is of the utmost importance. Standing Operating Procedures (SOPs) are written to minimize exposure to personnel to the risks associated with testing. The SOPs apply to everyone on a test range or in a test area and state specific requirements for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as safety shoes, safety glasses, work gloves, and hard hats; however, a limited supply of PPE is available at B370.

Visitors must have medical clearances on file to visit certain areas requiring respirators and environmental chambers. Your ATC point of contact will determine which PPE or medical clearances, if any, are required for your visit. In general, visitors must provide their own safety gear.

When entering or leaving a test site at the Munson, Perryman, or Churchville Test Areas or any maintenance facility, visitors must inform the area Supervisor of their entry and/or departure.

All signs, barriers, or flashing lights must be obeyed. Most ranges have instructions for obtaining range clearances at the entrance. Follow instructions carefully for safe entrance and exit. If access is required into a test area and the Test Officer cannot be contacted, telephone the Range Operations and Control Division, Safety and Operations Office, at extension 410-278-2215 and/or 2792 and notify them of your intentions.

Do not enter a firing range without notifying both the Test Officer in charge and Range Operations and Control Division. Once at the test site, for your own safety, do not enter areas away from regularly traveled thoroughfares and areas such as woods and fields. Remember, when your program is firing, the test site Test Officer and/or the Test Officer in charge must know where you are at all times.

Use extra caution while driving in the Industrial Area. Watch for the many military vehicles using the same roads as well as wildlife which may stray onto the road. No privately owned vehicles or rental vehicles are permitted on the test courses. Designated parking areas are available at test sites for such vehicles.