Test and Evaluation Basic Course (TEBC)

The Test and Evaluation Basic Course (TEBC) consists of two parts, an on-line training (OLT) and a Resident Seminar (RS). Both are essential components of ATEC's initial training program. Personnel in Test and Evaluation positions must complete the OLT within the first 2 months of assignment and must also complete a Resident Seminar (RS) within 6 months. Personnel in positions that are not part of an ATEC System Team are not required to take the TEBC RS.


TEBC on-line Training (OLT)

The TEBC OLT provides a mandatory in-depth orientation for all newly assigned personnel. Previously distributed as Computer Based Training on a compact disc, the course has been updated and moved to a web based platform. The OLT is a prerequisite to the RS. You may also audit the course or access as a reference. To take the OLT please contact your local training coordinator or Email the ATEC HQ Training Coordinator if you are not an ATEC employee.


TEBC Resident Seminar

The TEBC RS is a detailed (35 hours) seminar that provides "how-to" instruction by subject matter experts to ATEC testers, evaluators, analysts and other personnel as designated by their chain-of-command. After completing the OLT, forward a request to attend the TEBC RS using an OPM SF 182. Please contact your local training coordinator for Enrollment. For non-ATEC and those without a CAC please contact the ATEC HQ Training Coordinator.