Career Opportunities; Make a difference, become an Army Civilian with ATEC


Exciting career opportunities in Engineering, Math, and Science

At ATEC, we bring bright minds together and give them the tools and the training to succeed. Whether you're an Engineer, Mathematician, or an Analyst, you'll play a very important role in supporting and protecting the warfighter. Become an Army Civilian with ATEC and start making a difference today.

The appeal is in the challenge, experiencing firsthand the tools of the 21st century battlefield in various dynamic testing environments. We invite you to become a part of its ongoing legacy. And propel yourself into a world of cutting-edge technology.

ATEC's 9,000 military, civilian and contract employees are highly skilled test officers, engineers, scientists, technicians, researchers and evaluators that are involved in over 1,100 tests daily. ATEC's job is to make sure we send our Soldiers to war with weapon systems that work. ATEC with 29 locations in 17 states, has an annual budget exceeding a half billion dollars. ATEC rigorously tests items of every description including everything from individual weapons .... to the National Missile Defense ground-based mid-course defense systems.

When working at ATEC, employees become involved with people of many disciplines and receive "hands on" experience with the most sophisticated and advanced technology in the world. Our staff design and use highly accurate and precise instrumentation to test sophisticated military systems under controlled conditions at testing facilities located around the country. Newly assigned personnel become involved in important projects, working closely with a wide range of specialists from other Government agencies and industries.

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