Sexual Harassment Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP)

Have you or someone you care about been sexually assaulted? If you answered yes, contact the Fort Cavazos Sexual Assault and Crisis Line to receive information and assistance. Information and services are available to victims of sexual assault to provide assistance and support throughout the medical, investigative, counseling, and judicial processes.


DoD Safe Helpline/Sexual Assault Help 877.995.5247
*Text a location or zip code to: 55-247
Army Sexual Harassment/Assault Hotline 800.267.9964
ATEC SHARP Hotline Hotline 443.903.6986

Fort Cavazos

Fort Cavazos Sexual Assault Hotline 254.319.4671
Local counseling agencies/ treatment facilities Scott and White SANE Exam 254.724.2222
Darnall Army Medical Center 254.618.8582/8584
Killeen Families In Crisis 254.634.1184

Fort Bliss

Fort Bliss Sexual Assault Hotline 915.245.8991
Local counseling agencies/ treatment facilities Fort Bliss Family Advocacy Office 915.269.2013
William Beaumont Army Medical Center (ER Charge Nurse) 915.742.3908
Center Against Family Violence 915.595.2238

Fort Liberty

Fort Liberty Sexual Assault Hotline 910.584.4267
Local counseling agencies/ treatment facilities Fort Liberty Family Advocacy Office
910.322.3418 (24 hrs)
Womack Army Medical Center (Dep Social Work) 910.907.7869
Local Rape Crisis Volunteer Center 910.485.7273

Fort Sill

Fort Sill Sexual Assault Hotline 580.574.0871
Local counseling agencies/ treatment facilities Fort Sill Family Advocacy Office 580.442.4916
Reynolds Army Community Hospital ER 580.558.2770/2772
Marie Detty New Directions Violence Center (Lawton Based Program) 580.357.2500

Military Sexual Harassment Complaint Process

  • Informal Complaint — Complainant does not wish to file in writing
  • Formal Complaint — Complainant files in writing and swears to the accuracy of the information.

Military Sexual Assault Reporting Options

  • Restricted Reporting Option
    • Medical Treatment
    • Sexual Assault Forensic Exam (optional)
    • Chaplain Services
    • Advocacy
  • Unrestricted Reporting Option
    • Command Intervention
    • Medical Treatment Counseling
    • Chaplain Services
    • Advocacy
    • Official Investigation