U.S. Army Operational Testers' Hall of Fame

  Mr. Edward M. Lander


Inducted October 24, 1996

October 22, 1938 - June 20, 1999

Vulnerability Engineer, U.S. Army Security and Intelligence Board
Fort Huachuca, Arizona, 1979-1990

TEXCOM Intelligence and Electronics Warfare Test Directorate, Field Artillery Board
Fort Huachuca, Arizona, 1990-1995



Until his retirement in 1996, following 20 years of intense involvement in operational testing, Mr. Lander had become a legend, and TEXCOM's singular capability in the specialty area of field test and evaluation of the vulnerability of systems to electronic countermeasures.

His testing experience and performance has been of immeasurable value to all the military services and several national agencies on a wide range of systems.

Throughout his long operational testing career, Mr. Lander intensively researched the signal parameters of a wide range of threat electronic countermeasure systems and ensured the validated and verified representation of these signals using test instrumentation.

Especially unique among his accomplishments is the planning and execution of operational test against systems in orbit in order to verify the performance standards of both operational and prototype satellites and their susceptibility and vulnerability to hostile actions.

Because of his expertise and efforts, U.S. systems can communicate, self-locate, identify and disrupt threats, and in general survive on today's battlefield and in space.

Mr. Lander is one of the very few in the operational testing community that has had so wide as effect on ensuring today's systems can operate and survive on the modern battlefield and in space above.