U.S. Army Operational Testers' Hall of Fame

  Mr. Jasper C. Grigg


Inducted October 24, 1996

Test Officer, Field Artillery Board
Fort Sill, Oklahoma, 1961-1968

Weapons Division Chief, Field Artillery Board
Fort Sill, Oklahoma, 1975-1983

Technical Advisor, Field Artillery Board
Fort Sill, Oklahoma, 1983-1985



Mr. Grigg contributed 24 years of dedicated service in positions ranging from test officer to technical advisor for operational testing in the Field Artillery mission area.

During his operational test career, he was personally involved in virtually every field artillery system in today's fire support inventory that left a legacy in the field artillery community for years to come.

In an era when every munition or fuze was required to be operationally tested, Mr. Grigg was the test officer.  He personally tested or was directly involved in the testing of the M109A1, 8-inch howitzer; the M119, 105mm howitzer; the dual purpose Improved Conventional Munition; and the current family of artillery fuzes.

During his dedicated years at the Field Artillery Board, Mr. Grigg also managed to establish and maintain an exceptional U.S. Army Reserve career, rising from lieutenant to colonel.

This reserve service contributed to his understanding of fire support doctrine that was needed in planning realistic operational tests.

Mr. Grigg is the epitome of the dedicated, loyal, and trusted professional whose efforts were responsible for building the command's reputation for excellence in testing.