U.S. Army Operational Testers' Hall of Fame

  Mr. Reedie A. Stone, Jr.


Inducted October 24, 1994

November 2, 1932 - September 28, 1989

Project MASSTER, 1970-1971

HQ, MASSTER, 1971-1976

TCATA, 1976-1988

Deputy Director, TEXCOM Battlefield Automation Test Directorate, 1988-1989
Fort Cavazos, Texas

The TEXCOM Headquarters Building was memorialized on October 3, 1989, as "Stone Hall" in honor of Reedie A. Stone, Jr., the first facility at Fort Cavazos to be named after a civilian employee.

When Mr. Stone died on September 28, 1989, he was the Tactical Systems Test Director and Deputy Director, Battlefield Automation Test Directorate (BATD) of TEXCOM.

For more than 20 of his 35 years of federal service, Mr. Stone provided TEXCOM and its predecessors, Project MASSTER; HQ, MASSTER; and TRADOC Combined Arms Test Activity (TCATA), unparalleled service as a pioneer of modern day operational testing.

While Mr. Stone was serving as the TEXCOM Battlefield Automation Test Directorate (BATD) Deputy Director, Lt. Gen. Crosbie E. Saint asked him to evaluate III Corps command and control during REFORGER 87.  Mr. Stone developed an integrated fire support/intelligence capability which allowed the Corps to implement deep attack of second echelon targets.

He showed himself to be on the cutting edge of operational and user testing to the very end.   Already deeply involved in Maneuver Control System and SINCGARS testing, during the last year of his life he had both feet in the new innovative field of the Army Tactical Command and Control System.

A superb test officer and MASSTER charter member, Mr. Stone was deeply revered by his colleagues and fellow workers.  He was renowned for his knowledge of the Army's command and control structure.

Mr. Stone spent his career improving and refining the structure that was employed on the battlefield and instrumental in our country's superb victory in Southeast Asia.

He was the personification of the ideal tester, a dedicated searcher for truth.  In his 20 years of service, he was the role model and mentor for a generation of testers.