U.S. Army Operational Testers' Hall of Fame

  Mr. Dionisios Sabalos



Inducted October 24, 1994 Test Officer
U.S. Army Security Agency Special Operations Command, Fort Huachuca, Arizona, 1955-1959
Methodology and Instrumentation Engineer
U.S. Army Security Agency Test and Evaluation Center, Fort Huachuca, Arizona, 1976-1978
Director, Instrumentation Directorate, TCATA Fort Cavazos, Texas, 1983-1984

Mr. Dionisios Sabalos, serving as an electronic engineer with the United States Army Intelligence and Security Board and its subsequent operational test designations at Fort Huachuca, Arizona, was responsible for the development of test methodology and instrumentation to support operational testing of intelligence and electronic warfare (IEW) systems.

The purpose of the development was to provide the Army with a capability for obtaining answers not previously obtainable in IEW systems tests, and to establish the necessary mechanism for productive tests of systems which contain the latest technology in signal and data processing and transmission.

In the process of fulfilling his responsibilities, Mr. Sabalos exercised innovative thinking to visualize a first-of-its-kind test system that would enhance the representation of threats against which IEW systems operate.

This innovative system would capitalize on modern technology and resist obsolescence that would increase the value of testing results to decision makers, and thus would reduce fiscal and personnel resource requirements for operational testing.  Realizing the magnitude of such a test system, he skillfully acquired, through government and contract efforts, an abundance of critical information on which to model threat activity.

Proceeding in a structured manner, he initiated the research and development on automated transmitters that could emit a number of threat communications signals.

This development was successful, and the overall design and integration of these emitters in a state-of-the-art automated test system was endorsed at levels through Deputy Under Secretary of the Army.

As a result of Mr. Sabalos' work, the U.S. Army can more thoroughly operationally test and evaluate IEW systems.  Data obtained have significantly greater objectivity, and IEW system responses can be measured in field conditions which were previously immeasurable with any degree of accuracy.

As a result, the Army's IEW acquisition teams can gain greater insights earlier than ever before in regard to IEW system's operational effectiveness.

Sabalos retired from the TEXCOM Intelligence and Security Board at Fort Huachuca on October 3, 1990.