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Testing Environment

Dugway Proving Ground is an ideal testing site because:

  • it is large, totaling nearly 800,000 acres (1,200 square miles)
  • it offers a unique landscape made up of mixed desert terrain surrounded by mountain ranges on three sides, ranging in elevation from 4,230 feet to 7,080 feet at its highest peak
  • it has more than 9,000 miles of restricted airspace with a 58,000-foot ceiling, complimented with an 11,000-foot runway and a 20,000-square-foot hangar
  • the installation is accessible yet remote, free from urban encroachment, acoustically and electronically quiet, and free of light pollution
  • DPG has one-of-a-kind test chambers with full environmental controls, extensive outdoor test grids, 30 fully instrumented labs, and numerous unique facilities that replicate real-world environments for optimal testing and training
  • DPG offers year-round testing in a high desert climate with low precipitation
  • Environmental permits are in place and no endangered species are known to inhabit DPG
  • DPG's workforce includes more than 50 PhDs, specialists in chemical and biological operations, as well as experts in test planning, execution and reporting