Fort Hood unit demonstrates new equipment

Scan Eagle System

New ways to protect soldiers against roadside bombs were on display Wednesday on Fort Hood.

Fort Hood’s Operational Test Command is responsible for testing military equipment both at home and at war.

During “Civic Leaders Day,” OTC held equipment demonstrations where community members could see how the new technology works.

The “Scan Eagle System” is an unmanned aerial vehicle that takes live video of remote locations.  The Army uses it to watch for illegal activity like people who are trying to plant roadside bombs.

James Amato, the Executive Director of Operational Test Command said, “It’s all about the safety of the soldier and the ability to execute the mission.  Any technology we can bring to bear to help in those regards are just win-wins. ”

OTC also displayed special hand held detectors that can sense if people are on the other side of walls up to 12 inches thick.

Source:  KCEN-DT, May 20, 2009

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