Test Support

Allied Trades

The Allied trades department provides 11,800 square feet of well lit, heated space that includes a drive through bay with large overhead doors and a 25 ton crane. A complete machine shop including vertical mill, brake lathes, and 15 ton radial arm drill press. A 23 ton metal shear capable of shearing plate steel up to 10 feet long. The 100 ton press and various iron working tools make short work of large scale projects necessary for many testing activities. Metallurgy is not limited to steel, but covers a wide range of alloys. The wood working shop supports all construction needs from target making to fine woodworking and cabinetmaking. Sand blasting and powder coating capabilities ensure metal products maintain a finish through the worst of conditions. A fully loaded and equipped 2 ton support truck and a 1 ton utility truck provide many services at remote test sites.

Function Firing

The Information Management Office (IMO)

IMO is developed of responsible, honest, and committed team moving forward at all times to exceed customer expectations and to accomplish the highest quality support. Providing the highest level of commitment for the project at hand, shared equally by all team members.

The IMO supports all information technology at CRTC in support of test and day to day operations. We have three dedicated staff who take charge to ensure the functionality of the Information Systems used for the mission at CRTC.


The Instrumentation department provides expertise and equipment that enables the collection of information that is needed to evaluate the proper operation of a wide range of military equipment in cold weather environments. Some of CRTC instrumentation capabilities include, toxic gas measurement, video and acoustic scoring, Weibel fixed and tracking radars, vehicle performance recording, heater performance testing, survey, high speed video, standard video, and infrared video. Temperatures, flows, pressures, force, sound, light, RPM's, current, and voltage are among some of the physical properties that are measured.


The Meteorology team provides detailed weather forecasts for all of the CRTC test ranges where testing activities occur. With the use of our own specialized WRF weather model, the Meteorology Team is capable of accurately predicting the extreme weather that affects interior Alaska. The Meteorology team collects weather data from 15 permanent meteorology sites, every 15 minutes, and creates summary reports from this weather data. The Meteorology team uses many specialized weather instruments to collect weather data, and has the ability to set-up remote meteorology sites to collect data for testing purposes. With temperature extremes ranging from 92 F in the summer to -64 F in the winter, the Meteorology Team is very experienced at collecting and maintaining high quality meteorological data throughout the year.



CRTC has several maintenance facilities and a team of professionals that provide a wide array of support on all manner of test systems. With over 60 years of experience in the extreme cold environment, the CRTC team has developed an extensive ability to sustain domestic and test equipment. The team routinely develops modifications on equipment to enhance cold weather operation. CRTC retains extensive maintenance capabilities, ensuring equipment malfunctions are repaired as quickly as possible. CRTC maintenance section has the ability to transport, recover and tow vehicles up to 72 tons; additionally, CRTC has a vast array of heavy construction equipment, which is routinely used to build and maintain mission specific test sites.


The Shipping and Receiving team facilitates all aspects of CRTC supply needs. They are able to obtain spare parts and other critical items required for test and general use. In addition they keep inventory of all property at CRTC.