Mobility Test Complex

Mobility Test Complex

The CRTC Mobility Test Complex opened in 2004. This facility offers the ability to perform all manner of automotive testing both in Alaska's extreme cold winter environment and temperate summer months. Alaska's nearly constant summer light conditions are conducive to long test days or round-the-clock testing. Conversely, Central Alaska's brutal winters are ideal for testing at extreme low temperatures, as well as on ice and snow.

Mobility Test Complex

  • 3.26 mile double lane paved oval
  • 1000' x 800' paved lateral acceleration pad
  • 200' x 1200' skid pad
  • Test Slopes of 5%, 10%, 15%, and 20%, Grade - gravel and asphalt
  • Slopes of 30%, 40%, and 60% - gravel and concrete
  • 4,500 sq ft admin facility with data connectivity
  • Track temperature sensors and MET data
  • Cold start instrumentation
  • Tire changers and lifts available
  • Vehicle towing and recovery
  • Hybrid electric diagnostic equipment
  • High speed cameras and video
  • Miles of rugged trails and secondary roads
  • A 4800 sq ft PLS vehicle storage facility

For more information contact CRTC's Mobility Test Complex Manager at 907-873-4801.

Cold Storage Facilities

CRTC has nearly 20,000 sq ft of cold storage space available for the long-term environmental storage testing of clothing, equipment, weapons and munitions. Central Alaska's harsh winters routinely see temperatures of -40 F and colder, making CRTC the ideal venue for cold storage tests.

UAV Landing Strip

Our 800' runway with an adjacent maintenance and storage facility makes an ideal venue for testing UAVs in extreme cold and high-wind environments.

UAV Strip

Snow Loading

CRTCs snow-making equipment can quickly and effectively replicate the effects of heavy snowfall on military equipment.

Environmental Chamber

Our 13' x 11' chamber has the capability reaching and maintaining temperatures of positive 185 degrees Fahrenheit down to 60 degrees below 0 Fahrenheit. This allows us to test certain items year round and also allows for closely controlled conditions when required.

Dining Facility

Bolio Lake's Warren Randle Dining Facility is renowned as the best dining facility in Alaska. Our staff has over 80 years of experience in dining establishments, not only in Alaska, but worldwide. Our menus are seasonal and varied and the staff are experts at preparing and presenting them. Typical Cold Weather Rations are twice the caloric content of a typical meal and when working in extreme cold weather high calorie meals are a great boost to energy levels and cold tolerance. The dining facility has the capability to set up remote kitchens, deliver hot meals, or provide meals to go. Catering to any test situation and diner, our state of the art kitchen can meet any scheduling need.

Barracks Facilities

CRTC has the ideal barracks space for any Soldier/Marine driven test. We can house up to 72 personnel in our spacious barracks rooms, with separate barracks for females, officers, and NCO's in 2 or 4 man rooms. All rooms provide high speed internet connections, refrigerators, and televisions with VHS, DVD, and satellite capability. Multiple laundry facilities are available on both floors for convenience. Bed linen is available on request. Roomy showers in all latrines are outfitted with privacy screens and benches for comfort after a long day working in the cold. Our day room is equipped with a regulation size Olhausen pool table and 2 60" screens for movies, gaming, and satellite television. We have a large selection of books and movies for use in the Dayroom or use in private rooms. The gym is separated into 2 rooms, a weight room outfitted with multiple weight sets for use on flat or incline/decline benches. The cardio room houses elliptical machines, treadmills, and stationary bikes. Both rooms offer large flat screens for a great work out experience.