Request for Test Services


Developmental testing is a generic term encompassing engineering-type testing, which is accomplished by engineers, technicians, and/or soldier operator/maintainer test personnel. It includes, but not limited to, technical feasibility testing, engineering development testing, software development testing, production and post-production testing, post-deployment software support testing, and testing associated with vulnerability/lethality assessments.

Requests for test services at ATEC test ranges should be submitted as early as possible to allow ATEC to plan, coordinate, and schedule resources, and ensure that required safety, security, and environmental concerns have been properly addressed prior to the test.

If you have any questions or want to contact ATEC concerning your request please email the Business Management Division | (443)861-9369 or (443)861-9381.

If you are on a U.S. Military Network, click here to begin your Request for Test Services.
Otherwise please use the contact information above to request test services.